MailerLite vs ConvertKit: The Ultimate Comparison [Updated]

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MailerLite vs ConvertKit. Is MailerLite better than ConvertKit?

In this Mailerlite vs Convertkit comparison, we will delve into how these two popular email marketing platforms stack up across crucial categories. Email marketing is now an essential part of any successful strategy, enabling businesses to connect with audiences, build relationships, and drive conversions. But with so many tools out there, it can be tricky to determine which one best fits your needs.

We will compare their features, pricing, user interface, automation capabilities, customization options, integration with other marketing tools, deliverability rates, customer support, and more.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of which platform is the perfect fit for your email marketing needs. Let’s get started and demystify the world of email marketing.

Bottom Line
editor’s Choice
Best for Advanced Automation
Rating: 4.8/5
Try Convertkit
Bottom Line
Convertkit is an intuitive email marketing platform focused on creators and online influencers looking to build relationships through email newsletters. It offers advanced email automation, excellent pre-built templates and a super easy to use user interface.
Best For: Advanced Automation
Price: $0 – $29 per month.
Annual Discount: Yes
Free Plan Available
runner UP
Best for Smaller list & Tight Budget
Rating: 4.5/5
Try Mailerlite
Bottom Line
Mailerlite offer affordable pricing structure and generous free plan. If you are on a tight budget or have a smaller list, Mailerlite may be the better option.
Best For: Smaller list & Tight Budget
Price: $0 – $18 per month.
Annual Discount: Yes
Free Plan Available

Now let’s compare Convertkit and Mailerlite in detail.

Mailerlite Features

For small businesses and bloggers seeking an affordable yet powerful email marketing platform, MailerLite checks all the boxes. Its user-friendly drag and drop editor makes creating stunning emails easy, even for non-technical users. With a library of customizable templates, you can quickly build emails that align with your brand aesthetic.

What makes MailerLite stand out is its robust automation tools. Use these to create targeted sequences that engage subscribers at just the right times. Advanced segmentation options allow you to personalize content for different groups based on preferences and behaviors.

The platform also provides the analytics you need to optimize your efforts. Track opens, clicks, and conversions to see what resonates. With this data, you can continuously improve your email campaigns and strategy.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit

MailerLite’s landing pages feature allows you to easily create customized opt-in pages, and MailerLite also offers the ability to integrate these pages with your email sequences for a streamlined lead generation and onboarding process.

In summary, MailerLite gives small businesses and bloggers the essential email marketing features they need to grow their audience and promote their brand, all for an affordable price. Its combination of simplicity, automation, and insights empowers you to create effective campaigns that drive real results.

Convertkit Features

With its intuitive interface and robust email marketing automation tools, ConvertKit simplifies email marketing for online creators and bloggers.

The drag and drop workflow builder makes it easy to create and visualize complex sequences that nurture subscribers.

Engaging landing pages and forms, seamlessly integrated with your site, help you grow your audience.

Unlike other platforms, ConvertKit doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary features.

It streamlines email marketing down to the essentials bloggers need to build personal connections with their audience.

You get the automation, custom forms, and basic analytics you need without the complexity.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit

ConvertKit also stands apart with its transparent, subscriber-based pricing. While the monthly cost may be higher than competitors, you know exactly what you’re getting.

For bloggers producing regular content for a loyal following, the value is clear. ConvertKit offers an affordable solution tailored specifically to the needs of content creators.

In an email marketing landscape crowded with tools trying to be everything for everyone, ConvertKit’s focus on simplicity and service for bloggers is refreshing. The platform gives you the ease and automation you need to nurture connections with your subscribers.

Pricing Comparison

MailerLite uses a tiered pricing model based on the number of subscribers. Plans start at $0 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers and go up to $18 per month for 500 subscribers.

Free plans includes 12,000 monthly emails and paid plan includes unlimited monthly emails, automations, landing pages, and most other core features.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit

Compared to Mailerlite, ConvertKit takes a different approach with per-subscriber pricing. Unlike Mailerlite, their Free plans start at $0 per month which includes up to 1,000 subscribers. Their Creator and Creator Pro plans start at $15 and $29 per month for upto 300 subscribers.

All ConvertKit plans include access to unlimited emails, forms, email marketing automations and their core features.

Convertkit pricing

When comparing Mailerlite vs Convertkit, MailerLite generally becomes more cost effective at higher subscriber counts. However, ConvertKit can be cheaper for those just starting out with less than 2,500 subscribers.

The pricing structure reflects the key differences between the platforms. MailerLite aims to provide excellent value especially as you scale your subscriber list.

ConvertKit focuses on serving bloggers and creators early on by simplifying email marketing. Both are great options  and provide premium features depending on your current needs and audience size.

Evaluating the core features and cost per subscriber for your situation will help determine which solution fits best.

Customization and Design Options

When it comes to email design, Convertkit and Mailerlite both provide ample customization to create professional, branded emails.

MailerLite’s drag and drop editor lets you easily customize layouts, fonts, colors, and content. Insert images, buttons, and icons with just a few clicks. Leverage their responsive templates to ensure your emails render beautifully across devices. For full control, more advanced users can work directly with HTML and CSS code.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit

Just like Mailerlite, ConvertKit enables you to tailor emails to match your brand aesthetic. Choose from a range of email templates and then make them your own by adding logos, changing fonts and colors, and inserting design elements with just a few clicks. No coding knowledge needed.

Covertkit Designs

The key difference lies in segmentation options. MailerLite provides greater ability to create targeted, customized designs for groups based on user attributes and behaviors. ConvertKit offers more limited segmentation capabilities.

So if creating highly tailored emails for different subscriber segments is crucial, MailerLite has the edge. But for those seeking basic branding and customization, ConvertKit provides ample, user-friendly design flexibility.

Both platforms allow you to produce professional, on-brand emails—it just depends on your specific customization and segmentation needs. Evaluate your priorities to choose the best platform for your email design needs.

Subscriber Management and Segmentation

When it comes to managing and segmenting your email lists, MailerLite and ConvertKit both empower you to target subscribers with relevant, personalized content. However, MailerLite offers more advanced segmentation capabilities for those with complex subscriber targeting needs.

With MailerLite, you can create highly specific segments based on parameters like demographics, behaviors, preferences, and engagement levels. The platform’s robust segmentation tools allow you to divide your audience into granular subsets and tailor your messaging precisely.

Send targeted content to re-engage inactive subscribers, promote certain products to existing customers, or deliver educational materials to subscribers based on their interests.

Mailerlite subscribers

ConvertKit also provides segmentation based on tags and custom fields. This works well for dividing subscribers into broader categories like new subscribers, paying customers, or newsletter genre preferences.

However, ConvertKit’s simpler segmentation capabilities may not meet the needs of users who require more sophisticated subscriber targeting.

Convertkit subscribers

Both platforms provide ample tools for subscriber management as well, including list importing and exporting. Setting up automations can streamline subscriber list maintenance, saving you time.

Overall, while ConvertKit covers the basics for segmenting and organizing contacts, MailerLite offers more advanced options for users who want maximum control over subscriber targeting. Consider your specific subscriber management and segmentation needs to decide which solution best fits your strategy.

Integrations and Third-Party Apps

When comparing Mailerlite vs Converkit, it’s important to consider its integrations and compatibility with other tools and apps that you use in your business. Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer a range of integrations, allowing you to connect your email services platform with other tools and streamline your workflows.

MailerLite integrates with popular platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce, making it easy to sync your email marketing efforts with your website or online store. It offers integrations with CRM systems, landing page builders, and social media platforms, giving you the flexibility to connect MailerLite with the tools you already use

ConvertKit also offers a variety of integrations, including WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. In addition, it integrates with popular membership platforms and payment gateways, making it a great choice for online creators and businesses selling digital products.

Both platforms also offer developer APIs, allowing you to build custom integrations or connect with other tools not listed in their pre-built integrations.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting play a pivotal role in gauging the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and pinpointing areas that require enhancement. When comparing MailerLite vs ConvertKit offer robust analytics and reporting functionalities that can provide valuable insights into your email campaign’s performance.

MailerLite furnishes comprehensive reports covering vital metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates. Additionally, it presents visual reports that enable you to monitor your campaign’s performance trends over time. These reports facilitate trend-spotting, content optimization, and data-driven decision-making to enhance your outcomes.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit

ConvertKit also boasts extensive analytics and reporting capabilities. It empowers you to monitor metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. ConvertKit’s visual reports allow you to compare the performance of various email campaigns, aiding in the identification of emails that resonate with your audience and those that might require refinements.

Deliverability Rates

When it comes to the best email marketing software, deliverability rates are crucial. After all, if your emails aren’t reaching your subscribers’ inboxes, your efforts are wasted. Both MailerLite and ConvertKit prioritize deliverability and have measures in place to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients.

MailerLite has a strong reputation for high deliverability rates. They have strict anti-spam policies and employ various technical measures to ensure that your emails are not flagged as spam. They also offer features such as double opt-in and automated bounce handling to help maintain a clean email list and improve deliverability.

ConvertKit also focuses on deliverability and has a good track record in this area. They have a team dedicated to maintaining high deliverability rates and monitor their system to prevent abuse. ConvertKit also offers features like double opt-in and automated bounce handling to help keep your email list clean and ensure that your emails are delivered.

Ultimately, both MailerLite and ConvertKit prioritize deliverability, so you can be confident that your emails will reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Compliance and Security

When choosing between the best email marketing tools, prioritizing compliance and security is paramount. Both MailerLite and ConvertKit place a strong emphasis on these crucial aspects, ensuring the safety and protection of your data as well as your subscribers’ information.

MailerLite diligently adheres to GDPR regulations and employs a range of security measures to safeguard your data. Their platform includes features like double opt-in and readily accessible unsubscribe links, aligning with best practices in email marketing compliance.

Similarly, ConvertKit is fully GDPR compliant and maintains a robust commitment to security. They have implemented safeguards such as two-factor authentication and data encryption to fortify data protection. ConvertKit also offers features like double opt-in and unsubscribe links, serving as valuable tools to help you maintain compliance with email marketing regulations.

Customer Support and Resources

When comparing Convertkit vs Mailerlite for your email marketing needs, it’s essential to consider the level of customer support and the availability of resources to maximize your platform’s potential. Both platforms excel in these areas, ensuring you receive exceptional assistance for your email marketing endeavors.

MailerLite extends 24/7 customer support accessible via both email and live chat. Furthermore, they offer an extensive knowledge base replete with valuable insights, complemented by video tutorials and enlightening webinars designed to facilitate your platform acclimation. In addition to this, MailerLite fosters an active community forum where you can engage with fellow users, sharing tips and best practices for mutual benefit.

ConvertKit, likewise, provides responsive customer support via email. They equip you with a variety of resources to aid your journey, including instructive video tutorials, comprehensive written guides, and an informative podcast. Additionally, ConvertKit maintains an engaged Facebook community where you can connect with other users and seek guidance from seasoned experts.

Key Differences between MailerLite vs ConvertKit

While both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer robust email marketing tools, it’s essential to recognize the key differences between these platforms when deciding which one suits your needs best.

One significant contrast lies in their pricing strategies. As mentioned earlier, MailerLite presents a free plan that enables you to dispatch up to 12,000 emails each month to a subscriber list of 1,000.

In contrast, ConvertKit Free plan enables you to send unlimited emails for upto 1000 subscribers. If you’re commencing your email marketing journey or have budget constraints, MailerLite may prove the more economical choice.

Another notable divergence is their user interfaces. MailerLite showcases a modern, visually appealing interface equipped with a user-friendly drag and drop editor, simplifying navigation.

Conversely, ConvertKit opts for a simpler interface that might be particularly intuitive for beginners.

Furthermore, MailerLite provides more advanced segmentation options, allowing you to precisely target specific subsets of subscribers based on their behaviors and preferences.

While ConvertKit also offers segmentation capabilities, it doesn’t reach the same level of granularity as MailerLite.

Conclusion: Mailerlite vs Convertkit

So Which email marketing tool is right for you?

In conclusion, both MailerLite and ConvertKit stand as formidable email marketing providers, each offering an array of features and advantages. Whether you opt for MailerLite or ConvertKit, you can rest assured that you’ll possess the necessary tools to craft and oversee effective email marketing campaigns.

It’s vital to remember to weigh your particular requirements, budget constraints, and level of expertise when reaching your decision. Capitalize on the free trial periods and demonstrations provided by both platforms to gain firsthand experience with their features and interfaces. Additionally, peruse the case studies and customer testimonials to glean insights from others who have achieved success through these platforms.

Regardless of your choice, whether it’s MailerliteConvertkit or MailChimp email marketing holds the potential to be a potent instrument for expanding your business and engaging your audience. Invest the time to pinpoint the platform that aligns most harmoniously with your needs, and embark on harnessing the influence of email marketing today.

Ready to elevate your email marketing efforts? Enroll in a free trial of either MailerLite or ConvertKit today and discover how these platforms can propel you toward your marketing objectives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top alternative options to Mailerlite and Convertkit? 

The best alternative depends on your needs – size of list, ecommerce focus, budget constraints etc.

Which has the easier to use interface and dashboard – MailerLite or ConvertKit? 

MailerLite is known for having a simpler, more intuitive user interface compared to ConvertKit’s slightly more complex dashboard.

Does MailerLite or ConvertKit offer better landing page and opt-in form builders? 

MailerLite provides superior options for creating high converting landing pages and opt-in forms.

How does the email automation compare between MailerLite and ConvertKit? 

ConvertKit has more advanced automation capabilities for sequences and complex workflows vs MailerLite’s simpler automations.

What email deliverability tools do each platform provide? 

Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer excellent deliverability through dedicated IP addresses, email authentication, and monitoring.

Which platform has better analytics and real-time reporting? 

MailerLite provides better real-time stats and insights into email and landing page performance.

How does the customer support compare between the two? 

MailerLite offers multi-channel support via live chat, email, and phone. ConvertKit provides email-based support.

What email marketing integrations does each platform offer? 

MailerLite integrates with webinar software, while ConvertKit integrates with membership platforms.

Which is more affordable for smaller lists under 1,000 subscribers? 

MailerLite has lower pricing plans making it more cost effective for smaller email lists.

Do MailerLite and ConvertKit have mobile apps? 

Both platforms have IOS apps.

Who is each platform best suited for? 

MailerLite works best for beginners and smaller businesses focused on lead gen, while ConvertKit suits larger lists needing advanced features.

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