Mailpoet vs Mailster – Who Comes Out on Top?

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In the fast-paced digital landscape of email marketing, picking the perfect tool to engage your audience can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself toggling between MailPoet vs Mailster for your WordPress website, take comfort in knowing you’re not treading those waters alone.

Trust me, I understand the struggle to find that sweet spot—a plugin that’s a breeze to use yet doesn’t skimp on robust features.

Take it from someone who values peace of mind: finding a platform that fits your needs without making you want to pull your hair out is crucial. And just so you know, folks often sing praises about MailPoet’s intuitive design and its generous free offering.

Bottom Line
Bottom Line
Mailster is best for email marketing automation and offers advanced features like extensive customization, scalability, and integration capabilities.
Extensive Customization.
Unlimited subscribers, unlimited forms, and unlimited lists.
Built-in integration with popular third-party services.
May have a learning curve for beginners.
No free plan.
Cost may be a consideration for some users.
Runner up
Rating: 4.6/5
Visit MailPoet
Bottom Line
MailPoet is known for its seamless WordPress integration, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with WooCommerce.
Seamless integration with WordPress.
Wide variety of professionally designed email templates.
Advanced automation features, including automated email campaigns and autoresponders.
Limited Functionality.
Some users have reported issues with deliverability and spam filters.

After delving deep with tests and analysis galore, I’ve pieced together some golden nuggets of insight that’ll steer you right through both choices. This article is poised to tackle their ins and outs—from functionalities and cost-effectiveness to support networks—giving you all the facts for a smart decision.

Stay tuned as we peel back the layers on these fan-favorite plugins; we’re about to figure out which one will be the ultimate sidekick for your email campaigns!

Key Takeaways

  • MailPoet is easy to use with a quick setup and is good for beginners or small businesses. It works well with WordPress and has a free plan that lets you send unlimited emails using its sending service.
  • Mailster has more advanced features but might be harder to set up. It’s better for people who know a lot about email marketing and want more control over their newsletters.
  • Both tools let you make fancy emails, split your audience into groups, and send automated messages. They work with other programs like WooCommerce or Zapier too.
  • You need to think about cost when choosing between MailPoet and Mailster. Pick the one that fits your budget and does what you need it to do.
  • Both offer help if you get stuck, with things like guides, email support, and forums where other users can answer your questions.

MailPoet vs Mailster: Overview

MailPoet and Mailster are both popular WordPress newsletter plugins, but they have some key differences. From ease of use to segmentation and automation, it’s important to compare these tools before making a decision on which one is best for your email marketing needs.

What are they

MailPoet simplifies email marketing automation directly within WordPress through subscriber management, customizable drag-and-drop newsletters, and content-triggered mailing options. Its integrated sending service aims to maximize deliverability without needing external SMTP configuration. Offering both free and paid tiers, MailPoet is a massively popular choice installed on over 100,000 sites.

Mailpoet vs Mailster

Alternatively, Mailster also enables the creation of email newsletters and automated email functionality from the WordPress dashboard through contact lists, WYSIWYG template editing, and segmentation tools.

MailPoet vs Mailster

Instead of a proprietary delivery system, it supports connecting established third-party sending services. As a paid premium plugin, Mailster offers capabilities-based pricing plans for increased capability needs.

Who are they for

For those seeking a user-friendly and intuitive email marketing tool, MailPoet emerges as the ideal choice. With seamless integration with WordPress and an easy setup, it proves to be an excellent option for beginners or small businesses looking to establish their online presence.

Its free plan, including unlimited emails and attractive design templates, makes it particularly appealing for those starting in the world of email marketing.

On the other hand, individuals or businesses seeking more advanced features and are prepared to invest time in setting up a slightly complex system might find Mailster more suitable.

Key Features Comparison

Ease of use

Using MailPoet feels smooth and straightforward. I find it simple to get started, which is a big help if you’re new to newsletters or WordPress plugins. The setup process takes just a few minutes, and managing subscribers comes without headaches.

Sending emails directly from the WordPress dashboard makes life easier for me too since it’s all in one place.

Mailster seems tougher at first, especially when setting things up. It can take more effort and time to figure out how everything works. However, once I learned my way around, I could handle list management and email campaigns with confidence.

MailPoet vs Mailster

It’s a good fit if you want more control over your newsletter tools and don’t mind the learning curve.

Templates and email editor

MailPoet offers a user-friendly email editor with customizable email templates, making it effortless to design visually appealing newsletters. The drag-and-drop interface allows easy creation of professional-looking emails without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, MailPoet’s responsive email templates ensure that emails look great on all devices, ultimately improving delivery and open rates.

On the other hand, Mailster provides a flexible template system that allows for extensive customization to create unique email designs. Its email editor also supports HTML editing for users who prefer more control over their email layouts.

Mailster vs Mailpoet

With these features, users can tailor their emails to match their brand and capture the attention of their subscribers effectively.


Segmentation in MailPoet and Mailster helps to divide your subscribers into specific groups based on their interests, behavior, or other criteria. This lets you send more targeted and personalized emails, improving engagement and delivery rates.

MailPoet Segmentation

In MailPoet, segmentation is intuitive, allowing you to create segments based on subscriber data such as location, engagement level, or subscription date.

On the other hand, Mailster offers advanced segmentation options for users seeking more intricate divisions of their subscriber lists.

Mailster Segmentation

Effective segmentation is crucial for delivering relevant content to your audience. Now let’s delve into the automation capabilities of both platforms to determine how they streamline email marketing processes.


Moving on from segmentation, let’s talk about email automation. MailPoet offers an intuitive and easy-to-use automation feature that allows users to set up automatic email campaigns based on specific triggers or actions taken by subscribers.

MailPoet vs Mailster

Meanwhile, Mailster provides more complex automation capabilities, suitable for advanced users who require a higher level of customization and control over their automated email workflows.

Mailster Automation

MailPoet’s simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to create effective automated campaigns without extensive technical knowledge. In contrast, Mailster’s advanced automation options cater to experienced users looking for intricate automation possibilities.

Integration and Support

MailPoet and Mailster offer various integrations with popular platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, and other email marketing services. Their support options are also critical for users, so we’ll delve into the quality of support provided by both companies.

Available integrations

MailPoet seamlessly integrates with WordPress, allowing users to connect their websites directly. This simplifies the process of managing subscribers and sending out newsletters. Additionally, MailPoet offers integration with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, providing a convenient way to reach out to customers.

MailPoet Integration

On the other hand, Mailster supports various third-party integrations such as Zapier and Salesforce, enabling users to leverage these connections for more advanced email marketing strategies.

MailPoet vs Mailster

Both tools offer integrations with essential services like Google Analytics and other CRMs, giving users the flexibility to track their email campaign performances effectively.

For those seeking specific integrations or looking for versatile options, Mailster might be preferred due to its broader range of third-party connections.

Quality of support

In my experience, MailPoet offers excellent support through its knowledge base, email support, and active community forums. The company provides helpful resources for users who encounter difficulties setting up or using the platform.

On the other hand, Mailster also offers reliable customer support through email and a comprehensive documentation library. This can be quite beneficial for users who prefer self-help options when running into challenges.

Both platforms strive to offer quality assistance to their users, ensuring that they have the necessary help available when needed.

Pricing Comparison

When comparing MailPoet vs Mailster, the two popular email WordPress newsletter plugins in terms of plans and prices, it’s crucial to consider the specific needs of your email marketing.

MailPoet offers a range of pricing plans, from free versions to paid plans starting at $10.00 per month for the Business plan, and going up to $30 per month for the Agency plan.

On the other hand, Mailster offers a one-site license starting at $79 per year and offers Freelancer and Agency plans at $99 per year and $299 per year respectively.

Mailster Pricing

When comparing the two, MailPoet may be a better choice for those looking for a seamless email marketing solution with a user-friendly interface, while Mailster may be more suitable for users who require additional customization and analytics features.

On the other hand, Mailster may be suitable for users requiring more advanced features but is considered less intuitive to set up compared to MailPoet. The pricing models for both platforms should align with your budget and the level of functionality you require.

These factors can help determine which tool best suits your email marketing needs.

Conclusion: MailPoet vs Mailster

In conclusion, MailPoet appears to be the more user-friendly option with seamless integration into WordPress, making it ideal for beginners. Meanwhile, Mailster may offer more advanced features but is considered less intuitive to set up and use.

Mailster vs Mailpoet

Mailster Editor's choice

Mailster is considered better than MailPoet because it offers advanced features like extensive customization, scalability, and integration capabilities.
Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan.

The choice between the two would depend on the user’s level of experience and requirement for advanced functionalities. Both platforms have their merits and cater to different user preferences and needs.


1. What is the difference between Mailpoet and Mailster?

Mailpoet and Mailster are both tools that help you send emails, but they work differently with your website. Mailpoet is a plugin for WordPress sites, while Mailster also works as a plugin but has different features.

2. Can I use both Mailpoet and Mailster on my site?

Yes, you can use both on your site if you want to try out different options for sending emails. Just remember each one has its way of handling things like sign-ups and newsletters.

3. Which is easier to set up, Mailpoet or Mailster?

Many users find that setting up Mailpoet can be simpler because it’s made to fit right into WordPress smoothly. But some might prefer how they can set up campaigns in Mailster.

4. Do I need special skills to use these email plugins?

No special skills are needed! Both of them are user-friendly so most people who can manage a website should be able to work with either mail tool without problems.

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