Reclaim Vs Clockwise: Which Will Revolutionize Your Productivity?

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When evaluating smart scheduling assistants, two of the top options compared are Reclaim vs Clockwise. Are you tired of constantly juggling your schedule and struggling to find the best time for important tasks? As someone who has experienced this frustration, I understand how overwhelming it can be to manage our daily responsibilities.

In my quest for a solution, I stumbled upon an interesting fact – Reclaim and Clockwise are both AI calendar tools designed to optimize tasks, time blocking, and focus time. After delving into extensive research, I’ve uncovered valuable insights on how these tools compare and which one might be the best fit for your needs. If you’re ready to take back control of your schedule with ease, then keep reading…

Key Takeaways

  • Reclaim is good for individual scheduling. It lets you block time for tasks and move them if needed. Clockwise helps teams find times for meetings and manage busy days.
  • Both apps work with Google Calendar and Slack. They have free options but also offer more features if you pay.
  • If you need other tools like Reclaim or Clockwise, try OneCal, Motion, Calendly, or Routine. Each has different things to help with your calendar.

Reclaim vs Clockwise: Overview

Both Reclaim and Clockwise are smart tools designed to help us manage our time better. Reclaim lets us block out time for important stuff and creates a schedule that can bend when stuff comes up.

It’s like having a clever assistant who knows when we need to focus and when we can fit in other tasks. With deep calendar sync, it makes sure everything I plan actually happens.

Clockwise, on the other hand, is all about making team calendars work like magic. It finds the best times for meetings and smooths out my day so I’m not jumping from call to call without a break.

The mobile app is handy for both personal use and staying connected with my crew at work.

Bottom Line
editor’s choice
Reclaim AI
Rating: 4.8/5
Visit Reclaim
Bottom Line
Reclaim AI is designed for individual use and offers advanced scheduling and time management features, allowing users to block up to 12 weeks in the future. It is also known for its affordability, with a free plan available.
Smart time blocking for individuals.
Advanced scheduling and time management features.
Deep calendar sync and task management.
Affordability, including a free plan.
Allows blocking up to 12 weeks in the future
Lacks project management features.
Limited customization compared to Clockwise.
runner up
Rating: 4.6/5
Visit Clockwise
Bottom Line
Clockwise is geared towards team calendar optimization, creating more time in everyone’s day. Clockwise also offers a free plan, but limits usage.
Optimizes teams’ calendars to create more time in everyone’s day.
Time orchestration platform for team calendar optimization.
Offers a free plan, but limits usage based on a metric called “schedule assists.”
Provides a modern UI and quick actions for faster task completion
Does not support prioritization or tradeoffs on time blocks.
Blocks generic “Focus Time” events as either entirely “free” or “busy,” which may limit flexibility.
Limited customization compared to Reclaim.

Now let’s dig deeper into how they stack up against each other in terms of features!

Reclaim vs Clockwise: Comparison

Reclaim and Clockwise both offer flexible time blocking, task and routine management, prioritized scheduling, integrations with other tools, support for synced calendars, privacy options, and pricing plans.

Each has its unique strengths that cater to different individual and team needs.

Flexible time blocking

Flexible time blocking is super cool in Reclaim. It lets me set aside chunks of time for my must-do tasks and routines. That way, I can make sure the important stuff doesn’t get lost in a busy day.

The best part? It moves things around if something else comes up, so I don’t stress about overbooking myself.

Reclaim Flexible Time

Clockwise has its own spin on this, too. It checks out everyone’s schedules to find the perfect time for meetings without driving us all nuts with emails back and forth. This means we’re not wasting precious minutes trying to figure out when to chat – Clockwise does the heavy lifting for us! Plus, it makes sure there’s room for deep work and keeps our team running like a well-oiled machine.

Tasks and routines

Reclaim lets you add tasks to your calendar like a pro. You set the task, decide how much time it needs, and Reclaim finds the best spot in your day. It’s great for repeating jobs too! Every week, if you need two hours to plan stuff out, Reclaim blocks that time for you.

Easy as pie!

Reclaim Tasks

Clockwise also knows how important routine is. It looks at everyone’s schedule and picks the perfect time for team meetings or solo work. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails trying to find a meeting time! And just like that, everything runs smoother.

Next up is prioritized scheduling.

Prioritized scheduling

I get why people love Reclaim for its smart scheduling tricks. It lets you set top tasks as big blocks on your calendar, so nothing gets in the way of what matters most. You tell it which jobs are VIPs and bam—it carves out time like a pro.

Think of it as having an assistant who knows just when you need to focus and fend off those pesky interruptions.

reclaim vs clockwise

Clockwise, though, shines with finding the perfect spot for teams to meet. It’s like playing Tetris with everyone’s schedule—fitting pieces together until they click. The app syncs agendas and sorts out a time that works for all without endless back-and-forth emails.

Plus, it keeps meetings aligned with work hours to protect personal time from getting swallowed up by group chats.

So next up is “Integrations” – let’s dive into how these tools play nice with other apps you might be using every day.


Reclaim integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, making it easy to sync tasks and routines between the two platforms. It also supports popular task management apps like Asana and Slack, allowing users to bring in tasks from various sources into their calendars for streamlined scheduling.

Reclaim vs clockwise

On the other hand, Clockwise features an integration with Zoom, enabling automatic scheduling of meetings based on participants’ availability and preferences. Its Slack integration is designed to update users’ status based on their calendar events, promoting better communication within teams.

Both Reclaim and Clockwise offer integrations that enhance productivity by connecting with commonly used tools such as Google Calendar, Asana, Slack, and Zoom. These integrations streamline the scheduling process and promote efficient time management across different platforms.

Support for synced calendars

Syncing your calendar with Reclaim or Clockwise is a breeze. Both apps seamlessly connect to your Google Calendar, allowing you to view and manage all your events in one place. With just a few clicks, you can integrate your Slack status into your calendar, ensuring everyone knows when you’re available.

Reclaim Calendars Sync

Plus, the natural language processing feature lets you add events to your calendar conversationally, making it super easy to stay on top of everything.

Reclaim and Clockwise’s synchronized calendars allow for effortless management of all your appointments and meetings – no more juggling between different platforms! You can also sync tasks from Slack messages directly onto your calendar, keeping everything centralized and organized.

Privacy options

Support for synced calendars makes it easier to manage events and tasks across platforms, and when it comes to privacy, both Reclaim and Clockwise offer customizable options. With Reclaim, users can control the visibility of their schedule by setting privacy preferences for specific events or time blocks.

On the other hand, Clockwise provides privacy settings that allow individuals to choose who can view their meeting availability and manipulate calendar data. These features cater to users’ needs for maintaining confidentiality while ensuring efficient collaboration within teams.

The AI in both Reclaim and Clockwise prioritizes user’s control over their schedules; however, they differ slightly in how these functions are executed. For instance, Reclaim empowers users with granular controls over event visibility while Clockwise offers robust settings focused on managing access to scheduling data.

Pricing and free options

Now that we’ve covered privacy features, let’s shift our focus to pricing and free options. Both Reclaim and Clockwise offer unique pricing structures tailored to individual needs.

Reclaim vs Clockwise

Reclaim provides a range of plans with different features, including a free plan for basic scheduling needs. On the other hand, Clockwise offers a flexible pricing model designed for both personal and team use.

Reclaim vs Clockwise

Reclaim’s free plan allows users to access essential scheduling features such as calendar integration and task management. For more advanced capabilities like AI-driven time blocking and deeper calendar sync, Reclaim offers affordable premium plans suited for individual or team needs.

Time blocking for teams

Clockwise optimizes team calendars for meetings and tasks, emphasizing how these activities impact daily productivity. It focuses on flexible meetings, project management features, and syncing Slack status to your calendar.

Clockwise is known for maximizing availability while defending valuable time to meet the goals of busy teams. On the other hand, Reclaim allows you to create a separate calendar experience specifically designed for team use.

It also facilitates syncing availability across multiple platforms and integrating with Google Tasks to ensure efficient collaboration among team members.

Given the differences in functionality between Reclaim and Clockwise, individuals need to consider their specific needs when choosing a tool that best suits them or their teams’ requirements.

Choosing between Reclaim and Clockwise

When it comes to choosing between Clockwise vs Reclaim, consider the individual needs for flexible time blocking, task management, and privacy options. For teams, prioritize scheduling and integrations play a crucial role in determining which platform best suits your requirements.

Which is best for individual needs?

When considering individual needs, it’s crucial to assess personal scheduling preferences and priorities. Reclaim excels in offering flexible time blocking to accommodate important tasks and routines, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a personalized approach to managing their time.


Reclaim AI editor's choice

Reclaim AI is best suited for individuals, offering advanced scheduling and time management features.

On the other hand, Clockwise emphasizes optimizing individual calendars for meetings and daily tasks, making it a suitable option for those who prioritize efficiency in organizing their day.

Understanding your specific schedule management requirements can help determine which of these AI calendar alternatives aligns better with your unique needs.

Which is best for team needs?

When considering team needs, Clockwise emerges as a standout choice due to its focus on optimizing team calendars for meetings and tasks, which significantly impacts day-to-day productivity.

With its emphasis on scheduling events, managing tasks, and orchestrating time effectively for teams, Clockwise provides robust features designed to streamline team coordination and collaboration.

Through its mobile app and synchronized calendar support, Clockwise enables seamless integration into team workflows while ensuring that everyone’s schedules align for efficient planning and execution.

Reclaim is also beneficial for teams with its deep calendar sync capabilities, smart scheduling functions, and dedicated focus time/time blocking features.

However, Clockwise’s specialized emphasis on task management within the context of team collaboration gives it an edge in meeting the specific demands of collective productivity.

Alternatives to Reclaim and Clockwise

Looking for other options? There are several alternatives to Reclaim and Clockwise, such as OneCal, Motion, Calendly, and Routine. These platforms offer different features to help you manage your time effectively and improve productivity.


As for OneCal, it’s a smart calendar alternative that integrates with various scheduling tools and aims to streamline time management. It offers features like flexible time blocking, support for synced calendars, and prioritized scheduling similar to Clockwise and Reclaim.

With OneCal, users can optimize their schedules by syncing their Slack status and defending their time while maximizing availability. The platform focuses on enhancing team productivity through effective calendar orchestration while allowing individuals to block time for essential tasks seamlessly.

OneCal is a promising option for those seeking an AI-powered calendar tool that helps manage both personal and team calendars efficiently. Additionally, its advanced scheduling features make it stand out in the competitive landscape of smart calendar assistants.


Now, let’s talk about Motion. If you’re looking for a calendar management tool with AI features similar to Reclaim and Clockwise, Motion might be worth exploring. Like Clockwise, it prioritizes team time management and optimizing schedules for productivity.

The platform offers functionalities such as syncing calendars, managing availability while safeguarding focus time, and maximizing team availability – all to enhance productivity.

Motion is designed not just to manage individual calendars but also to streamline the scheduling process for teams by ensuring that everyone’s time is optimized for collaboration. Moreover, like Reclaim and Clockwise, Motion taps into AI technology to help users make the most of their day-to-day schedules efficiently.


Now, let’s talk about Calendly. Calendly allows you to sync your availability while defending your time, making it easy for people to schedule events on your calendar. Its basic calendar management tools keep your schedule flexible and maximize availability.

With integrations like syncing Slack status and top-notch Google Calendar support, Calendly makes scheduling simple and efficient.


Reclaim and Clockwise both help in managing routines. Reclaim uses flexible time blocking to make time for important priorities and routines, while Clockwise focuses on optimizing team calendars for meetings and tasks.

Both of them aim to maximize availability while defending against over-scheduling, making it easier to keep your schedule flexible. These AI calendar tools understand the importance of routine in everyone’s day, enabling users to prioritize their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Conclusion: Reclaim vs Clockwise

After comparing Reclaim vs Clockwise, it’s clear that both offer unique benefits for managing time and productivity. However, if you’re an individual looking to optimize personal tasks and routines, Reclaim may be the better choice.


Reclaim AI Editor's choice

Reclaim AI is best suited for individuals, offering advanced scheduling and time management features.

On the other hand, if you’re focused on team scheduling and meeting optimization, Clockwise might be more suitable for your needs.

For those who are exploring alternative calendar management tools, options like OneCal, Motion, Calendly, or Routine could also provide valuable features to consider.

Summarize key differences between Reclaim and Clockwise

Reclaim focuses on flexible time blocking and prioritized scheduling to make time for important tasks and routines, aiming at individual productivity. It deeply syncs with calendars and has privacy options, emphasizing smart scheduling for individuals.

On the other hand, Clockwise is focused on team calendars, optimizing meetings and tasks to boost team productivity. It provides support for synced calendars and integrates with tools like Slack, concentrating more on enhancing team collaboration through optimized scheduling.

The differences lie in their primary focus – Reclaim targets individual time management using flexible time blocking, while Clockwise concentrates on teams by optimizing meetings and collaborative tasks.


1. What’s the big deal with and Clockwise?

Well, think of it this way… is like your smart buddy who knows exactly when you should do stuff. It helps you manage your time by planning your schedule really well. Clockwise, on the other hand, feels a bit like a conductor – it makes sure all parts of your day move in harmony.

2. Can I use Reclaim to stop people from filling up my calendar?

You bet! Reclaim lets you block out chunks of time so that others can’t just pop meetings onto your calendar whenever they want… pretty handy, right? It’s like putting up a “No Trespassing” sign on certain hours of your day!

3. How does Clockwise help me find the best meeting times?

Clockwise is super clever at finding gaps in everyone’s calendars and then automatically picking the best time for a meeting… Like magic! No more back-and-forth emails trying to figure out when everyone can meet.

4. Isn’t scheduling meetings such a pain? Is there something these apps do about this?

Oh yeah–both are here to save the day (and your sanity!). While Reclaim gets smart with advanced features to plan ahead for you, Clockwise keeps things flexible by rescheduling stuff on the fly if something pops up.

5. Do either of these apps sync stuff outside my calendar, or what?

Oh for sure – check this out: With, not only does it play nice with Google Calendar but hey—it even syncs with Slack status! Because we all know how much we hate getting messages during focus time…

6. Are they both AI gurus when it comes to managing my time?

Absolutely! Both tools have got some serious brainpower under their hoods (hellooo true AI). They’re not just about slapping events into slots; they’re thinking about how you spend every second effectively—like having a personal assistant who actually reads minds (kinda).

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