SalesHandy vs Instantly: Which Sales Engagement Tool is Better?

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Struggling to jazz up your sales emails, only to realize your go-to tools seem about as cutting-edge as a butter knife? Trust me, you’re in good company. We’ve all felt that frustration—the relentless hunt for the holy grail of platforms that gracefully balance personalized outreach with insightful analytics without breaking the bank. In this quest for efficiency, it’s essential to weigh the options, and that’s where Saleshandy vs Instantly comes into play.

Because let’s be real—I too have faced off with my inbox, puzzling over how to elevate those open rates without getting tangled in a web of overly complicated software. After diving headfirst into the arena of today’s most talked-about sales engagement tools, SalesHandy and Instantly snagged my attention.

And wow, are they ready to steal the show? From crafting templates like a pro to mighty tracking features (all while keeping an eye on affordability), we’re sifting through it all.

Bottom Line
Bottom Line
Saleshandy offers more advanced features and a more comprehensive solution for email marketing, sales engagement, and cold email campaigns. SalesHandy provides email tracking, analytics, sales engagement, and email personalization features, making it a more versatile and robust platform compared to Instantly.
Advanced analysis and tracking capabilities.
Robust contact management for targeted email campaigns.
More affordable plans with 2x more features than Instantly.
May offer more features than needed for basic email marketing requirements.
runner up
Rating: 4.6/5
Visit Instantly
Bottom Line is an intelligent automation tool that integrates seamlessly with various communication channels, including email and social media platforms, using artificial intelligence to automate routine tasks, providing smart templates, email scheduling capabilities, and AI-driven responses, making it particularly beneficial for marketing, sales, and customer support roles. However, its features are more general and not specifically optimized for extensive email marketing campaigns.
Focuses on AI-driven automation in email marketing.
Offers smart templates and scheduling for regular communication.
Provides basic contact management and less detailed contact segmentation compared to SalesHandy.
Analytics are more general in nature, focusing on communication efficiency and response times.

Stay tuned as we start an eye-opening expedition exploring key features and sharp comparative insights—and yes, we’ll shine a light on those pros & cons. Whether you’re revving things up at a startup or hungry for growth within an established team aiming for email marketing stardom; this one’s designed with you in mind.

And just between us: it’s shaping up to be pretty fantastic!

Key Takeaways

  • SalesHandy has advanced email tracking and automation, while Instantly offers a drag-and-drop email builder and detailed analytics.
  • Both tools have their pros and cons; SalesHandy shines with in-depth tracking but only works with Gmail and Outlook. Instantly is easy to use but might be overwhelming for beginners.
  • They both offer different pricing plans that cater to various business sizes, making it important to choose based on specific needs.

Overview of SalesHandy

SalesHandy offers a comprehensive suite of sales engagement tools, including email tracking and analytics, sales automation, and email personalization features. It provides affordable pricing plans, starting with a Free Plan for users to dip their toes into the platform’s capabilities.

With SalesHandy, users can optimize their email campaigns and enhance productivity with its advanced features.

Saleshandy vs Instantly

Key Features of SalesHandy

I’m digging into SalesHandy, and let me tell you, it’s pretty sweet. This tool has got a bunch of cool things to help folks sell more and work less. Here’s the lowdown on what it brings to the table:

  • Email Tracking – You can see who opens your emails, when they open them, and how often. It’s like having magic glasses for your email!
  • Sales Engagement – Keep your sales game strong with automated follow-ups and personalized outreach campaigns.
  • Email Personalization – Make each email feel special by adding personal touches that grab attention.
  • Advanced Email Tracking – Not just who opens your emails but also where they do it and on what device. Really awesome to have these details!
  • CRM Integrations – Works with the big names like Salesforce and HubSpot. Keep all your customer info in one spot without breaking a sweat.
  • Email Automation – Set up emails to go out at just the right time, so you don’t have to hit ‘send’ every five minutes.
  • A/B Testing – Try out different emails to see which ones make people click more. More clicks mean more chances to sell stuff.
  • Business Logo & Website Screenshots Enrichment – Throw in images from your website or logo automatically; fancy, huh?

Pros & Cons of SalesHandy

Okay, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of SalesHandy – a platform that’s caught the eye of many for its sales engagement prowess. Now, while it’s got its perks, it also has a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before deciding if it’s the right tool for your sales arsenal. We’re talkin’ features that could make or break your workflow, so let’s lay it all out on the table, shall we?

Pros of SalesHandyCons of SalesHandy
Advanced email tracking lets you see who’s opened your emails and when. Compatibility is limited to only Gmail and Outlook. Sorry, other email client users!
Integrations? SalesHandy’s got ’em, syncing up with popular CRMs and email tools. If you’re searching for built-in CRM functionality, you won’t find it here.
Email personalization gets a boost with the Mail Merge feature. The feature set can seem a tad limited when you stack it up against Instantly.
Automated follow-ups and drip email campaigns take the tedium out of your day.
A/B testing capabilities give you the power to refine your strategies.
A variety of email templates at your fingertips to quicken your pace.
Newbies get a 7-day free trial to test the waters and see if it’s a good fit.
Scales well for both small businesses and large enterprises with its flexible pricing.

Well, there you have it – the pros and cons of SalesHandy served up on a silver platter. Keep in mind that while it might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s got its shining moments for businesses looking to enhance their sales engagement game. Remember, it’s about finding the right fit for you, so weigh these points with care.

Overview of Instantly

Instantly offers a free plan, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder and advanced segmentation options. It also provides detailed analytics on email campaigns, making it a comprehensive tool for businesses of all sizes to streamline their marketing strategies.

Saleshandy vs Instantly

Key Features of Instantly

I’ve had a good look at Instantly, and let me tell you, it’s packed with some nifty features that could be a game changer for email marketing. Let’s dive right into what makes Instantly stand out.

  • Drag and drop email builder: This tool is a lifesaver! It lets you create stunning emails without knowing any coding. Just pick the elements you want, drag them into place, and boom—you’ve got an email that looks like a pro made it.
  • Free plan availability: Starting out or on a tight budget? No problem! Instantly has got your back with its free plan. This means you can send out emails and not spend a dime.
  • Advanced segmentation options: We all know sending the same message to everyone just doesn’t cut it. That’s why Instantly allows you to slice and dice your audience into groups based on what they dig. You can customize your messages to hit the right note with each segment.
  • Third-party apps integration: Imagine having all your favorite tools talking to each other—pretty cool, huh? Well, Instantly plays well with others and can sync up with lots of different apps to streamline your workflow.
  • High deliverability rate: What’s the point in sending emails if they don’t land in inboxes? Instantly takes care of that by making sure more of your emails get where they need to go.
  • Detailed campaign analytics: You’ll love this one—the ability to geek out over how well your emails are doing with some super detailed reports. Open rates, click-throughs, you name it—Instantly helps track them.

Pros and cons of Instantly

So, about Instantly—let’s dive into what works and what might be a hiccup for users. You’ll see a mix of standout features and a few potential drawbacks. (Remember, no tool is perfect, but it’s all about what fits your flow!)

Offers a free plan that’s a huge plus for small businesses or startups testing the waters. While they’ve got advanced features, beginners might find there’s a bit of a learning curve.
Drag and drop email builder makes creating campaigns as easy as pie—seriously, it’s a breeze! Unlimited perks sound great, but heavy users could find they need more robust functionality.
Advanced segmentation options mean you can get super-targeted with your messaging. If you’re a fan of simplicity, you might find all the bells and whistles a bit overwhelming.
High email deliverability rate—because sending emails that actually land is the whole point, right? Two pricing plans might leave some folks wishing for more variety or custom options.
Detailed analytics on campaigns give you the intel to optimize and tweak to perfection. Those deep dives into data can be a lot to digest if you’re not a numbers person.
Integration with third-party apps and services—talk about playing nice with others! Integrations are fantastic, until you hit one that’s missing from your tech stack.
Two pricing plans with unlimited emails and warmups offer a pretty sweet deal for power users. Unlimited is fab, but sometimes, you just want a little more customization in your plans.

And there you have it—a quick peek at Instantly’s pros and cons. Sure, it’s not your fairy godmother waving a magic wand, but it could be the next best thing for your email campaigns. Keep these points in mind as you consider whether Instantly might just be your email marketing glass slipper.

Comparative Analysis: SalesHandy vs Instantly

When comparing SalesHandy vs Instantly, it’s important to consider their email marketing features, cold email capabilities, contact management tools, analytics, and reporting options, as well as their pricing structure.

Each platform offers unique strengths that cater to different business needs and goals.

Email Marketing Features

Let me dive right into the nitty-gritty of email marketing features since that’s the meat of the matter for many sales and marketing professionals.

Here’s a quick comparison between SalesHandy and Instantly when it comes to their offerings in the email marketing realm:

Email TrackingAdvanced tracking with real-time notificationsIntelligent automation with AI-driven follow-up suggestions
PersonalizationHighly personalized email campaignsAI-driven personalized responses for effective engagement
Drip CampaignsAutomated drip email sequencesNot a core feature, but possible through integrations
AnalyticsIn-depth analytics to track opens, clicks, and repliesInsightful analytics with communication channel integration
IntegrationSeamless with Gmail and OutlookComprehensive, including CRM and marketing automation tools
TemplatesCustomizable templates for various campaignsTemplate suggestions based on best practices and industry standards

So, you’ve got SalesHandy, which frankly, goes all out with its advanced tracking and in-depth analytics (I’m talking about those awesome open and click-through rates that get your heart racing). Personalization is their jam, and they make sure your emails feel like a warm, personal hug rather than a cold, automated handshake.

Flip the coin, and there’s Instantly. They’re like the cool new kid on the block with their AI-driven smarts, making sure you’re not just sending emails, but you’re engaging in a full-blown digital conversation. Their analytics are like a crystal ball, giving you insights that go beyond the typical stats and figures.

The choice between the two could be as complex as choosing between a double-shot espresso or a smooth latte—they both do the job, but the experience and taste are very different.

You’ve got SalesHandy’s laser-focused email capabilities on one hand and Instantly’s broad, integration-friendly approach on the other. It’s all about what fits your palate—er, I mean, business needs.

Cold Email Features

Moving from the broad capabilities of email marketing, we now zoom into the granular world of cold emails—a critical weapon in the sales arsenal. When it comes to SalesHandy and Instantly, both bring their A-game, but they pack different punches. Here’s how they stack up:

Email TrackingReal-time notifications, detailed read receiptsBasic open-and-click tracking
Email SchedulingAdvanced options with timezone intelligenceLimited scheduling features
Automation and SequencesPowerful drip campaigns with condition-based triggersSimple autoresponder functionality
A/B TestingYes, optimize campaigns with data-driven decisionsNo A/B testing capabilities
Template CreationCustomizable templates with merge tagsDrag-and-drop email builder for ease of use
CRM IntegrationSeamless connectivity with popular CRM toolsIntegration with select third-party services
Prospecting ToolsNot a direct feature, relies on other integrationsVarious list-building and prospecting options
DeliverabilityDomain warmup to enhance sender reputationStandard sending practices without a warmup feature

As we can see, SalesHandy seems to shine brightest for those who require robust analytics and automated workflows. Their domain warmup is a standout, ensuring your cold emails actually hit the inbox. On the flip side, Instantly keeps it simple—straightforward, with an emphasis on design and user experience, ideal for those just starting out or with basic cold email needs.

Contact Management Features

Contact management is the bread and butter of sales engagement tools, right? It’s crucial to keep those leads and deals as organized as your sock drawer. Let’s dive into how SalesHandy and Instantly stack up against each other in this department.

Importing ContactsIntegrates with CRMs and email tools; uploads from CSV, TXT, ExcelImports via CSV, TXT, Excel; Google Sheets, Shopify, and Salesforce integrations
Organizing ContactsAdvanced management features for effective organizingSimpler organization tools, more limited than SalesHandy
Integration OptionsVariety of integrations including Google Sheets and SalesforceIntegration with chatbots, CRM, and marketing automation platforms
Enrichment ToolsEnriches with business logos, website screenshotsOffers email and domain search, LinkedIn email finder

I’ve gotta say, that SalesHandy seems like a powerhouse when it comes to contact management. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s really into spreadsheets – super organized and on top of things. And Instantly? Well, they’re no slouch either, offering decent contact import and integration options, though they may not be as comprehensive.

Integration-wise, both tools know how to play nice with others. Instantly’s got some cool party tricks with LinkedIn automation and chatbots – it’s like bringing the social butterfly to the networking event.

SalesHandy, though, it’s like your trusty Swiss Army knife, with all those Google Sheets and Salesforce integrations, making sure you’re never caught off-guard.

Ever tried to remember a prospect’s website and just drew a blank? SalesHandy’s enrichment tools are a lifesaver, dishing out logos and screenshots so you can visually recall who’s who. Instantly, on the other hand, flexes with those nifty email searches and smart lists, like a detective hot on the trail of your next big lead.

So there you have it! Two different approaches to keeping your contacts in line. It’s all about what fits your style – a bit like choosing between a sleek organizer or a jam-packed Rolodex that’s seen some things. Choose wisely, my friends!

Analytics and Reporting Features

Shifting our focus from the contact management features, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of analytics and reporting. A sales engagement tool is only as good as the insights it provides, and both SalesHandy and Instantly bring their A-game to the table. Here’s a side-by-side comparison that’ll give you a clear-cut idea of what each tool offers.

Email TrackingIn-depth tracking with real-time notificationsComprehensive tracking with detailed analytics
A/B TestingOffers A/B testing for email campaignsSupports A/B testing for targeting specific segments
Analytics ReportsAdvanced analytics with actionable insightsIn-depth email analytics and reporting tools
CRM IntegrationLacks built-in CRM; integrates with third-party servicesDoes not provide inherent CRM functionality
SegmentationBasic segmentation featuresAdvanced segmentation options for campaigns

When you look at the analytics and reporting features, SalesHandy edges forward with its email tracking; you get those real-time notifications that could possibly make or break a deal. Instantly isn’t far behind, though, with its detailed analytics that could help you fine-tune your campaigns. I’ve found that A/B testing can seriously boost your email game, and both platforms offer this, but with a slightly different approach.

Now, let’s not forget about CRM integration—it’s essential, albeit neither tool has a built-in one. They both play well with others, which means integration with your favorite third-party CRM service.

Segmentation is where Instantly really stands out, offering advanced options that let you target your emails like a sharpshooter. SalesHandy, well, it’s not quite there yet, but it does the job for simpler segmentation needs.

And there you have it—each tool has its strengths and could be the ace up your sleeve, depending on what you value most in your analytics and reporting.


When it comes to the ol’ dollar and cents, pricing models can really be a deal-maker or breaker, right? So, let’s dive into how SalesHandy and Instantly stack up against each other in their pricing strategies.

Saleshandy Pricing

Keep in mind that both platforms might throw in some extra discounts for annual payments or have prices that vary by the number of users.

Instantly Pricing

Always a good idea to check the latest details directly on their websites, ’cause, let’s face it, nobody likes outdated info.

Conclusion: Instantly vs Saleshandy

In conclusion, SalesHandy and Instantly offer distinct features catering to different needs. The practical strategies discussed can greatly impact sales engagement and email marketing efficiency.

While both Saleshandy and Instantly offer robust AI assistant-enabled features for sales professionals, when we closely weigh their respective strengths and limitations side-by-side, Saleshandy emerges as the winner for most sales use cases.


Saleshandy Editor's choice

SalesHandy is advantageous for its advanced analysis, robust contact management, and affordability.

With its slightly smarter email automation, more seamless calendar integration, superior activity capture, competitive pricing models, and considerable venture capital backing, Saleshandy strikes the ideal balance between cutting-edge sales functionality fueled by AI productivity with the scalability to facilitate enterprise deployment long-term.

Unless you need intricate real-time data visualizations or primarily focus on individual outreach, the more holistic feature set of Saleshandy positions it as simply the stronger platform compared to Instantly in the majority of sales scenarios.

Ultimately for AI email and calendar management tailored for high sales performer needs today, Saleshandy comes out on top as the superior solution.


1. What’s the big deal with SalesHandy and Instantly?

Well, they’re like two heavyweight champs in the ring of sales engagement tools! SalesHandy provides slick features for tracking who opens your emails… and when they do it. Instantly? It’s got its own punches with smart templates for personalized emails.

2. So, can I track my email performance with both tools?

Absolutely! SalesHandy lets you see every time someone opens an email, while Instantly helps you manage contacts and check out how your campaigns are doing. Tracking is their game!

3. Is there a winner between SalesHandy vs Instantly in customer support?

Here’s the scoop – people say that SalesHandy offers some solid help if you get stuck, but Instantly doesn’t slouch either when it comes to supporting its users.

4. Do they play nice with other apps?

Oh yeah – these tools aren’t lone wolves; they love friends! You can hook them up with cool kids like Google Analytics or social media platforms through Zapier (that’s this nifty tool that makes different software shake hands).

5. What about privacy on these platforms? Sounds important…

You bet it is! Both take privacy super seriously – we’re talking things like SSL encryption and OAuth 2.0 to keep your stuff locked down tight.

6. Lookin’ at my wallet here… How do their plans compare?

SalesHandy might just win this round for you penny-pinchers out there – it’s really known for having affordable plans compared to some of Instantly’s options which offer more bells and whistles.

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